How to . . .

Are you hosting a Thanksgiving gathering? Or a party this fall, just because?! Well I am here to give you a few tips on how you can make your home feel cozy and homey this fall!

I have three words for you :



Natural Elements 


Textures have a way of making your favorite accessories pop. Smooth or rough, you should have a combination of textures that you use throughout your home. The different variations make your home unique and interesting. Don’t be afraid to use multiple textures when creating your Thanksgiving table setting! Mix your textures and have fun with it!


Have you ever imagined sitting on your sofa without a blanket? Exactly, you haven’t. Because items like blankets and pillows (lots of pillows) make your home feel like your HOME. Layering can make accessorizing difficult sometimes because it requires putting items either next to or on top of things and it can definitely make you question yourself! Well I am here to tell you how layering can be simple and impact your design! So say you have console at your entry, pop a basket underneath it and place a blanket in it and fold it over the edge! Or, say your media console or buffet has candles or greenery on it, play around with different heights. Placing your accessories at different heights can make a world of difference!

N A T U R A L   E L E M E N T S

When you are incorporating textures and layering into your home, it is always a good idea to turn to natural elements when looking for the perfect accessory. Lots of time these elements are over looked, but the simple aesthetic of natural elements can speak for itself! My favorite items to include in a design from nature is definitely greenery. That one is always a go – to, it goes with most things and can impact a space due to its varying forms. Cotton is also a fun one to use in your home maybe in a vase or urn to use as a filler. Trust me, try using natural elements in your design and you will feel a difference!